Dr. med. Wolfgang Müller-Adam, born on January 12th 1946

  1. Medical studies with state examination (December 23rd 1971) at the Justus Liebig University, Giessen; conferral of a doctorate (January 20th 1975) and medical assistant / obtaining of a medical license ( August 15th 1973)
  2. Specialized training in surgery as of June 1st 1973 at the district hospital Schotten/Hesse (Dr. med. Bode) and at the district hospital Böblingen (Prof. Dr. med. Zettler) 11/1975 until 09/1980 (first arthroscopic training); specialist in surgery on September 16th 1980
  3. Resident at the gynecological ward at the district hospital Böblingen (Dr. med. Epple) from August 15th 1984 until October 31st 1975 – first laparoscopic training
  4. Further training in trauma surgery at the BG-Unfallklinik (casualty hospital) Murnau/Bavaria (Prof. Dr. med. J. Probst) from 10/1980 until 12/1982 – area trauma surgery on March 16th 1983

Trauma surgeon at the BG-Unfallklinik (casualty hospital) Tübingen (Prof. Dr. med. S. Weller) from 01/1983 until 06/1985 for further education in traumatology, intensive care, reconstructive and hand surgery as well as orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation; certificate of specialist training emergency medical services (emergency doctor) July 11th 1984.

  1. Head of surgery and medical director at the municipal hospital in Lauffen/Neckar from July 1st 1985 until its closing on December 31st 1992
  2. Development and expansion of the surgical clinic (“Schelztor Clinic”) in Esslingen/Neckar as a minimally invasive surgery center (1993). Licensed as surgeon/trauma surgeon by the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians and as Durchgangsarzt (accident insurance consultant)
  3. About 6,000 ambulant and short inpatient surgeries 11/1993 until 10/1999 in cooperation with the anesthesiologic joint practice – as of April 1st 1997 in surgical joint practice with the focus on minimally invasive interventions (about 1,500/year). Reviewer and examiner in the surgery commission for continuing education of the District Medical Association North Württemberg from 1997 until 2006
  4. Sale of my medical practice and clinic share for private reasons on September 30th 1999; further education in acupuncture, operative orthopedics, aesthetic plastic, minimally invasive (until today more than 10,000 mostly ambulant surgeries) and LASER surgery
  5. From 2002 until 2007 representative of visceral and trauma-surgical senior and chief physicians throughout Germany
  6. Approval as medical specialist for orthopedics and trauma surgery on June 16th 2007, additional qualification “special accident surgery” on November 13th 2007
  7. As of 04/07 for 2 years medical director of the medical care center at the Johanniter hospital Belzig/Brandenburg with accreditation by the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (May 1st 2007) and with accreditation as Durchgangsarzt (accident insurance consultant) (June 18th 2007)
  8. 05/09 until 12/10 head of surgery at the Johanniter hospital Radevormwald; January 2nd 2011 until June 30th 2011 representative of the visceral and trauma-surgical senior physician at the district hospital Grünstadt/Pfalz
  9. As of September 1st 2011 managing senior physician surgery / trauma surgery at the St. Josef hospital Zell/Mosel – from October 27th 2011 until October 26th 2013 medical director of a medical care center with accreditation by the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians and as Durchgangsarzt (accident insurance consultant), also for ambulant and inpatient surgeries, June 4th 2013 update emergency doctor qualification
  10. As of May 2014 advisory medical specialist for medical strengthening therapy in Frankfurt /M and Hanau