The hedgehog, in form of a ball, has survived more than 100 million years of evolution – thanks to highly effective protection systems. Being a mammal and vertebrate their physical build almost conforms to the human build: by means of the latest in high-tech it is possible today to also use these systems – as described in the patent – for the worldwide protection of humans.

Almost 40 years of experience as trauma surgeon and emergency doctor, also as motorcyclist and pilot, were not the only factors fed into the patent application: fall simulations with a simple function prototype have proven the effective injury protection repeatedly documented by video.

Who is particularly affected by which consequences of injuries from falling in this country?
  Motorcyclist/biker/sportsman Patients in need of care/sick persons (car)
Total (million)   6      /   73  /   10 33 ( 42 )
Seriously injured 8 000 100 000 20 000
Fatally injured 1 500 20 000 3 700
Total 9 500 120 000 (23 700)

Costs of € 1.56 billion are caused annually by approx. 130,000 persons seriously and fatally injured from falling.
If only 1% thereof (1,300) are prevented by an effective, comfortable to wear protection clothing, a relief for all social systems in the amount of € 15.6 million (average case costs 2014: € 12,000) is to be anticipated.
The benefit for the society and the quality of life of every individual compared to the expenses for production, sales and maintenance of the protection systems: To protect only 1% of the 33 million potentially endangered seniors, patients in need of care/sick persons (see table) with an adequate system, the protection clothing should be offered at an average price of approx. € 2000. A sales volume of € 660 billion results from this only for Germany – the EU and worldwide quantities and sales figures are in the tens of millions respectively billions €.

Sources: German Federal Statistical Office, OECD Health-Data 2012, Care home Rating Report 2013, GBE federation

 so that a fall remains without consequences!
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