Engineers and technicians, who have a vast experience in the fundamental system components, determined the anticipated time frame and budget:

The largest research effort in time (maximum 2 years), staff and budget (approx. € 2 million) – due to the material development and testing – is claimed for the development of a module of an electrically activatable cold gas generator and a high-pressure resistant composite gas cartridge and its adaptation to clothing. This also includes the preparation of complex algorithm for the control and activation of smart sensor systems already available on the market.

Key components of the “better airbag” technology mentioned above have been developed in Germany for the automotive sector and have already been tested successfully – the patent holder has signaled the willingness to participate in the adaptation costs as soon as appropriate research funds are available.


Further internal labor and co-financings by public and private institutions, by companies interested in an acquisition of license and by private venture capital will depend on the recognition of the project as an eligible research project.

The developmental period of a maximum of 2 years for the gas generator-protector-AirPost (GPAP)-module is used by the research director and further participating institutes and companies to also select the remaining components according to physical-technical, but also economic and ecological aspects for the safe integration in the protection system.

The material and testing effort for this should not exceed € 1 million.

The described unique selling point offers the license holder the opportunity to establish and expand a continuously growing global demand = marketing after production begins through existing sales channels initially without competition. The investment risk for the different user groups, initially limited to 2-3 product lines, in contrast seems manageable.