Investments of billions in traffic infrastructure and energy absorbent passenger compartments (crumple zone) with complex restraint systems (seat belt/seat-belt tensioner/airbag) offer passengers of modern automobiles a protection that has been barely conceivable 30 years ago.

 However, outside passenger compartments there is no even roughly comparable protection worldwide!

Protectors and airbag vests for motorcyclists and horsemen may at best offer a certain basic protection of chest and thoracic spine for lower speeds with “ideal” accident scenario – most severe injuries of cranium, brain, cervical spine, extremities and joints up to amputations, disruptions of internal organs and lifelong paraplegias are not avoidable with such equipment.

Even controlled with latest sensor technology, they – due to the system – do not meet the mostly complex course of the accident, but also the requirements of human anatomy and physiology.

Although there are numerous patent applications worldwide for the far greater, rapidly growing group of elderly and sick persons, people in need of care and persons suffering from obesity; however no product has been developed so far that even only vaguely would come close to the above-mentioned (questionable) basic protection.