A medical specialist in surgery and orthopedics with specific trauma surgical further education at, amongst others, 2 leading traumatic surgery centers of the German statutory accident insurance including active work as an emergency doctor for more than 30 years, can be assumed to have comprehensive experience and skills in consequences and treatment of accidents, but also in causes and courses of trauma.

Based on this, the German patent application for the protective system named above took place on May 29th 2013, the EU patent application on May 30th 2014.

In preparation for this, an extensive, international patent research with freedom-to-operate analysis in cooperation with an experienced patent attorney and a graduate engineer (head of section at the German Inventors’ Association) took place. The studies of global publications (amongst others Pubmed, Cochrane Review) did not indicate any conflict with already published property rights. In addition, engineers and technicians, who have been familiar with the subject personal and transport safety for years, confirmed that the system specifics described in the patent could be adapted for the following 3 user groups with relatively little effort from technologies already existent today:

A)     Motorcyclists, ski racers, show jumpers, jockeys (as of approx. 25km/h), falls of workmen and mechanics

B)      Bicyclists, e-bikers, horsemen, climbers, hikers, security staff (up to approx. 25 km/h)

C)      Elderly people with insecure gait, persons in need of care, sick persons / persons suffering from obesity