The hedgehog, in form of a ball, has survived more than 100 million years of evolution – thanks to highly effective protection systems. Being a mammal and vertebrate their physical build almost conforms to the human build: by means of the latest in high-tech it is possible today to also use these systems – as described in the patent – for the worldwide protection of humans.

Almost 40 years of experience as trauma surgeon and emergency doctor, also as motorcyclist and pilot, were not the only factors fed into the patent application: fall simulations with a simple function prototype have proven the effective injury protection repeatedly documented by video.

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Intelligent “smart” sensor technology (MEMS) activates up to 30 double-walled, specially shaped mini airbags (“airposts”) within milliseconds, which unfold across the critical parts of the body at lightning speed – even a collision with several obstacles can thus be survived unharmed.

For falls at high speed (motorcyclist, biker, sportsman, fitter), this “outer” protection is complemented by an “inner” protection system, which harmlessly fixes – even before the collision and until the end of the fall - the body in the optimal hedgehog position.                                                                                                                              

This results in a chance of survival that is still unconceivable today!

Conceived more than 30 years ago – realizable only with today’s technology:

A protective clothing to reliably avoid (almost) all serious injuries from falling!
Modular, interchangeable elements of the system are integrated invisibly into the fashionable clothes (jacket, combination, overall) of the particular user – from motorcyclist, e-biker and sportsperson (skier, horseman, climber…), to workers, technicians and security staff, up to elderly and sick people who are at risk of falling and patients in need of care.

The hedgehog shows how you can actively protect yourself...