Until the Fall of 2013, Dr. med. Wolfgang Müller-Adam (MD) was medical director of a medical care center as surgeon and trauma surgeon. Since then he has operated as an emergency physician and representative of trauma-surgical senior physicians throughout Germany.

After the patent application of his invention which has been submitted for the ISUS award, the formation of the “IGEL Systems Protect!” as a private company took place with the objective of coordinating and advancing the research and development concerning the construction of prototypes of the protective clothing ready for series production for different users.


Now 70 years old, he started his medical career in 1973, with the successful completion of his medical studies at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen/Germany. In 1973 he received his medical license and in 1975 followed the conferral of his doctorate in experimental physiology. After his specialist training in surgery between 1973 and 1980, comprehensive advanced trainings took place in trauma surgery, intensive care and emergency medicine, reconstructive and hand surgery, as well as orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation until 1984. Between 1985 and 1992 he was head of the surgical department and medical director of the municipal hospital in Lauffen/Neckar. As of 1992 the development and expansion of a surgical clinic (“Schelztor Klinik”) in Esslingen/Neckar followed – one of the first minimally invasive surgery centers in Germany. As founder and stockholder, he had to give up these activities for private reasons in order to pass on his vast trauma surgical and emergency medical experience in different hospitals – for the most part in leading position – to this day.

As of 1997, he was a reviewer and examiner in the surgery commission for continuing education of the District Medical Association North Württemberg for almost 10 years.

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